Looking for a Power/Concrete Buggy?

Are you looking for the right Power/Concrete Buggy for your construction projects? Well, selection is limited out there when it comes to the number of manufacturers that offer Power Buggies. You go from the cheaper quality to upper quality. As you can tell from our site, we currently offer one of the top manufacturers with the Multiquip/Whiteman series.

We are not going to point out the differences between the lower end units vs the two manufacturers mentioned above, in the world of equipment you get what you pay for. We are going to suggest a contractor concentrates more on the features they need the majority of the time in order to be productive. You have track vs wheeled systems, 2 wheel drive vs AWD, recoil vs electric start, foam filled or non foam filled tires. The track systems are great and similar to their skid steer cousins, they offer a lower per sq ft lb of weight, but more costly to purchase originally and also to maintain so one should definitely feel the need to warrant the expense.

Size does matter, most mfg’s offer a 16 cf capacity give or take and Multiquip/Whiteman is anticipating a 2014 release of their 20 cf unit.