MBW Concrete Sealer Sprayers, are they worth the expense? Any issues…

If you are debating if a MBW Concrete Sealer Sprayer is worth the initial expense, if you do reasonable size pours / flatwork, they definitely will pay for themselves with the productivity in both labor, wasted materials and 3 gal sprayers cost and maintenance.

Having issue with your MBW or any other mfg of Concrete Sealer Sprayer? It is most likely one of two seemingly obvious issues. 1) These pumps are primarily or exclusively built for water based materials 2) Not being properly cleaned. As obvious as this one seems, thinking of taking even a break for 30 mins especially if combined with high temps, dryer air, etc…it does not take much for the tips to clog…this can cause back pressure and shut the pump down, causing an on and off effect as you continue to operate the unit.

Proper planning of being able to do as much continuous spraying as possible with short breaks will increase the productivity of these type of units. Want to increase productivity even more, combine these sprayers on a mobile platform such as the 55 gal tilt base cart.

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