Ammann ARR 1575 Trench Roller

The Ammann ARR 1575 is an articulated trench roller that provides perfect ground contact and optimal compaction. The machine and its padfoot drum provide results, [...]

$28350.00 (USD)
Ammann ARX16

Ammann ARX16 Ride-On Roller

The Ammann ARX16 Tandem Roller works flush against curbs and other obstructions and does so smoothly thanks to an electric drive-lever.
The machine’s ability to work [...]

Ammann ARX20jpg

Ammann ARX20 Ride-On Roller

The Ammann ARX20 Tandem Roller is a light, articulated ride-on roller that delivers optimum compaction results through its double-drive and double-vibration systems.
The roller works flush [...]