Diamond Products-Core Cut CC3537JK-30 Jack Shaft Walk Behind Saw


Manufacturer: Core Cut Diamond Products


The Diamond Products-Core Cut CC3537JK-30 Jack Shaft Walk Behind Saw is built for the Pro’s that want a solid built saw without the 20k plus category price tags. See below for some of the added features on this saw.

Unlike the majority of our online competitors we have this unit in our physical stock with the 30″ guard but also the added option of the water pump which does add $475 to the cost, so please keep that in mind if comparing to others that probably will not have that or freight included. This in stock option if needed to ship from saves Patriot saves a customer approx. 2-3 wk lead time from the mfg. Feel free to call us as payment method and freight location can effect the final price. 

Diamond Products CC3537JK-30 Spec Sheet (click for pdf)

Features & Benefits:

  • Great mid-size saw for service, utility work and rental
  • Includes Hydraulic Pump  Standard for Raising and Lowering of Blade
  • Jack shaft allows full engine power
  • Easy to maneuver self propelled drive
  • Engine adjustment mechanism for belt tightening and maintenance
  • Strongest frame on the market
  • 30% more torque with new jack shaft design (on gas models)
  • Fits through a 30” door frame

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Maximum depth of cut with 14” blade: 4-3/8”
Maximum depth of cut with 20” blade: 7-3/8”
Maximum depth of cut with 26” blade: 10-3/8”
Maximum depth of cut with 30” blade: 12-3/8”
Blade shaft diameter: 1-3/4”
Arbor size: 1” w/drive pin
Blade shaft drive: 6 belt
Blade mounting: Right or Left
Blade raise & lower: Electro-hydraulic pump
Transmission: Eaton Model 10
Drive speed: 0-200 feet/min
Air filter: 4 stage
Fuel capacity (gas models): 6 gallons