Dynapac Trench Roller


Manufacturer: Dynapac


The Dynapac Trench Roller is one solid built unit, or to put it another way if you are a big fan of the Bomag Trench Rollers this is Fayat Group’s (parent company that owns both Dynapac & Bomag) with the same features and builds that one this is looking to spend 30k +/- in the Trench Roller category would expect to find.

UPDATE 6-4-21 Last unit in stock Sold. Taking preorders for year end. UPDATE 8-30-21 only one of these are unspoken for with a shorter lead time (please call if serious and ready to commit) 2-1-21 UPDATE – If you are having trouble finding a Bomag or Dynapac or Wacker trench roller with a Kubota diesel, we have two of these models already ordered with Dynapac to shorten their current lead times on new orders. Please contact for a price as payment method, ship to location, ect will effect final price. We sell and stock 5 mfgs of compaction built for the Pros, feel free to call for options. 

Below are some of the Pro’s to consider on the Dynapac and Bomag units vs many of the competitors, including others we sell

  • 3 Pumps (1 ea for Articulating, Vibration & drums) vs others that use 1 pump for the complete roller
  • Radio controlled (if line of sight w unit is broken, operator maintains control of unit) vs Infrared
  • Remote allows the 2 speeds to be controlled at the remote, others only at the roller can this be changed
  • Drum design is a more maintenance free & durable drum setup, including all hoses are connected to a sealed ported manifold vs hoses on the inside of a drum
  • Hood is a higher grade and built to withstand more abuse
  • Greaseless articulating joint
  • 45 degree tip sensor in all directions shuts the unit off entirely to minimize damage during a tipover/roll
  • 2,000 hrs Hydraulic service interval vs most at 500 hrs
  • ECOMODE is an intelligent control system that always operates motors in the optimum range — without any loss of performance. It reduces fuel consumption by up to 30%. At the same time, lower engine speeds reduce wear on the drive components.

Dynapac D One Brochure (click for pdf)


■ Kubota D1005 diesel

■ Hydrostatic articulated steering
■ Radio/ cable remote control
■ Active Zone System
■ Drum Width 33.5″ or 24″ without included extensions
■ Dual directed-vibration system
■ Two travel speed ranges
■ Two amplitudes
■ Two scrapers per drum
■ Automatic vibration control
■ Ecomode
■ Automatic shutdown at low oil level
■ Automatic engine shut down at a lateral tipping angle of 45°
■ Electric starter
■ Heavy-duty protection hood
■ One point lift


■ Special hydraulic oil
■ Smooth drum (-99 lbs Amplitude 0.063/0.03186in)
■ Portable charger for remote control battery
■ Adjustable scrapers 24/33.5in
■ Service Kit

Operating mass 3,516 lbs
Basic mass 3,494 lbs
Axle load, avg. 1,759 lbs
Speed 1, forward / reverse 0.8 mph
Speed 2, forward / reverse 1.7 mph
Max. gradeability without vibr. 55 %
Max. gradeability with vibr. 45 %
Centrifugal force (front/rear) 16,200/ 8,100 lb
Amplitude (front/rear) 0.044/ 0.022 in
Frequency 2,520/2,520 vpm
Manufacturer/Model Kubota D 1005
Rated power, ISO 3046 19.4 hp @ 2,600 rpm
Number of cylinders 3
Fuel tank capacity 6.3 gal
Fuel consumption /h, avg. 0.8 gal
Emissions according to Stage V / Tier 4f
Type Water cooled, diesel

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