Kaeser M58 Utility Mount 210 cfm Air Compressor


Manufacturer: Kaeser Air


The Kaeser M58 Utility Mount 210 cfm Air Compressor. Available in 100 psi (210 cfm) or 145 psi (175 cfm) specs on below brochures.

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The below brochure shows model psi options with electronic controller:

100 psi model – psi range 87-100 – 210 cfm

145 psi model – psi range 87-145 – 175 cfm

Kaeser M58 Utility Brochure (click for pdf)
Kaeser Warranty Mobilair (click for pdf)
Optional 5 Year Mobilair Warranty rev 2014 (click for pdf)

  • No DEF required
  • Maximum pressures up to 205 psig
  • Optional compressed air treatment package
  • Towable and skid mount options
  • M58 Utility designed for cross-mounting on service vehicles

Your advantages

  • Easy maintenance:
    Large, wide-opening enclosure doors for easy access to all components
  • Eco-friendly:
    “Low Emission Zone MOBILAIR”: Minimal pollutant emissions in accordance with US EPA emission standards

Cool, clean compressed air

  • The compressed air is cooled to 45°F above ambient temperature.
  • With the compressed air cooler installed at an angle, the accumulated condensate is easily drained away.
  • The hot exhaust gasses from the motor are also used to aid condensate evaporation. This prevents condensate accumulation from causing the cooler to freeze up.
  • The microfilter provides additional oil filtration to ensure a high quality of compressed air. The included differential pressure gauge lets you see the filter’s status at a glance.

Additional air treatment components should be installed downstream of the aftercooler and
centrifugal separator  in order to achieve a specified compressed air quality class.

Standalone, space-saving source of compressed air

  • With their compact footprint, these units are perfectly suited for installing on a truck cargo bed or anywhere on a construction site where a reliable source of quality compressed air is required.
  • In addition, smart features like the fixed lifting eye and the skid mounting with fork-lift pockets make the machine very easy to transport.
  • Refueling, oil changes, and other maintenance tasks are simple with convenient component access from the side.
  • The exhaust is directed upward. The M58 Utility is equipped with a built-in diesel fine particulate filter for low emission zones as standard (in compliance with Tier 4).

Patented Anti-Frost Control

For models without a compressed air aftercooler, Kaeser’s patented Anti-Frost Control automatically adjusts the operating temperature in relation to the ambient temperature. This extends the uptime and service life of both the compressor and the tools.

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