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The Wacker Neuson RT trench roller with the SC3 infrared-remote control offers proven compaction results with safer operation. The smart control uses an infrared signal with line-of-sight control. The machine stops moving and vibrating should the line-of-sight be lost or if the operator comes within three feet (one meter) of the roller’s receiving eyes with the control box. The articulated trench roller offers below the axle exciter in each drum to allow for the efficient transfer of compaction energy to the soil for superior compaction results. Available with the choice of Kohler or Kubota engine. The RTx models are available with Compatec (Special Order Option and extended lead times are typical), the compaction control system that indicates the relative compaction level of the soil. 

UPDATE 6-8-21 Preferred Kubota diesel in our stock, only one unit. Please contact for add for freight to ship a 2nd time (as noted below, posted prices are to ship direct from the factory). 2-25-21 – We have two unspoken units with the preferred Kubota diesel ready to ship direct from Wacker at this sale price. Please keep in mind Wacker will no longer have the Kubota (only Kohler) on forthcoming built units. Once these units get brought in to Patriot Stock we will have additional cost / higher price with having to ship a second time. Please call if serious and ready to purchase to make sure they are still available. 

3 day sale – price based on direct shipment and prepayment with a wire transfer/cleared business check! Available in Kubota or Kohler diesel.

Please obtain another price or two on the parallel model and options  prior to contacting us so you can be prepared to recognize the savings and move forward with a commitment to save you hundreds, if not thousands. Most of our larger equipment posted prices (unless otherwise noted) are based on a wire transfer, include a freight allowance and customer offloading.   

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Wacker Neuson RT Trench Roller Brochure Rev 2015  (click for pdf)

  • Patented three receiving eye design eliminates signal loss from trench shoring while retaining the line-of-sight control of the roller. With 16 channel transmission, multiple rollers can be operated on the same jobsite without interference from one another.
  • RTx model offers flexible drums that allows for convenient conversion from 32 in/82 cm to 22in/56 cm. The easy to remove extensions have a central mounting system that protects the bolts from exposure to damage during operation.
  • The articulated joint increases maneuverability and the low center of gravity improves stability. High and low compaction force provides flexibility depending on the job.
  • The lower end is completely maintenance-free due to the self-lubricating design of the drive and the exciter.
  • The engine control module with diagnostic LEDs monitors machine functions such as oil pressure, radiator level, engine temperature, glow plug, battery and air filter capacity for easy operation and troubleshooting.

Technical specifications

Operating data
Operating weight  lb 3,295 3,197 3,235 3,134
L x W x H  in 73 x 32 x 50 73 x 32 x 50 73 x 32 x 50 73 x 32 x 50
Drum diameter  in 20.5 20.5 20.5 20.5
Width Drum in 22 / 32* 32 22 / 32* 32
Centrifugal force (min.) lbf 7,688.5 7,688.5 7,688.5 7,688.5
Centrifugal force (max.) lbf 15,377 15,377 15,377 15,377
Frequency  Hz 41.7 41.7 41.7 41.7
Linear force static (per drum) lb/in 57.7 55.4 55.4 52.6
Linear force dynamic (per drum) lb/in 258 258 258 258
Travel speed forward mph 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Travel speed reverse mph 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Turning radius inner in 63 63 63 63
Surface capacity max. (depending on soil consistency) ft²/h 10,654 10,654 10,654 10,654
Gradeability max. (without vibration) % 50 50 50 50
Gradeability max. (with vibration) % 45 45 50 50
Engine / Motor
Engine / Motor type Water-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine with electric starter Water-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine with electric starter Water-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine with electric starter Water-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine with electric starter
Engine / Motor manufacturer Kohler KDW 1,003 Kohler KDW 1,003 Kubota D902 Kubota D902
Displacement  in³ 62.7 62.7 54.8 54.8
Operating performance (DIN ISO 3046) hp 19.8 19.8 20.8 20.8
RPM / speed Operating rpm 3,000 3,000 3,000 3,000
Fuel type Low Sulfer / Ultra Low Sulfer Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel
Fuel consumption  US gal/h 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2
Tank capacity  US gal 6.3 6.3 6.3 6.3

Third infrared receiving eye

A prominently placed infrared receiving eye on top of the Trench Roller ensures that the remote control contact is maintained permanently, even in the trench shoring.

Compatec – Compaction Control

The RTx models are available with Compatec, Wacker Neuson’s compaction control.

If the number of lights no longer increases,
then the maximum soil compaction possible with this
unit has been achieved.



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