Concrete & Surface Prep

Scarifiers, Scabblers, Scrapers, Planers & Grinders for Concrete


EDCO Magna-Trap Single Dyma-Dot

The EDCO Magna-Trap Single Dyma-Dot are Ideal For:

Aggressively Grinding Concrete and Removing Thick Epoxies, Weather-Proofing Membrane and Other Coverings.
Remove concrete and create a level surface without [...]


STONEKOR DITEQ LX-30 Planetary Grinder-Polisher

STONEKOR DITEQ LX-30 machine offers a mid-range grinding and polishing solution for medium to heavy duty floor preparation and finishing. The LX-30 utilizes our KOR™ MD [...]


Smith LNX8 Traffic Line Remover

The Smith LNX8 Traffic Line Remover is designed for removing coatings, traffic lines, thermoplastic, epoxy, paint, oil, grease, and high spots without sharp-edged grooves or road damage.
Used [...]


Bartell-Contec “The Mule” Floor Stripper

The Bartell-Contec “The Mule” is extremely capable of handling today´s floor covering removal jobs.
The rugged design contribute to the outstanding performance in the removal of [...]


EDCO Magna-Trap Double Dyma-Dots

The EDCO Magna-Trap Double Dyma-Dots Ideal for:

Removing General Purpose Epoxy, Mastics, Thinsets, Water-Proofing Coatings and more.
Remove concrete and create a level surface without gouging.

Concrete Surface Profile [...]


EDCO Magna-Trap Dyma-Segs

The EDCO Magna-Trap Dyma-Segs are ideal for:

General coating, abrasive coatings and concrete removal
Creating clean and smooth concrete surfaces with a medium amount of scratches on the [...]


Husqvarna PG 680 Planetary Grinder w Dual Drive

The  Husqvarna PG 680 concrete floor grinder is an excellent choice for both industrial and commercial applications. With a grinding width of 680 mm it [...]


DITEQ TG30 Production Polisher & Grinder

The TG30 machine offers a mid-range grinding and polishing solution (non-planetary style) for light to medium duty floor preparation and finishing. The TG30 utilizes KOR™ [...]

HEPA 200 Vac side

EDCO HEPA 200 cfm Vacuum #ED33125HCONK

The EDCO HEPA 200 CFM is a quality made vacuum system built in the USA by Ruwac for EDCO. Made for the pro’s and not [...]

SPS8 Scarifier

Smith SPS8 Gas Concrete Premium Scarifier / Planer

The Smith SPS8 is a compact, rugged scarifier built for the Pro’s for easy surface preparation on concrete or asphalt. This all-purpose scarifier is easy [...]


General Equipment FCS16 Rip-R-Stripper Floor Stripper

The General Equipment FCS16 RIP-R-STRIPPERS have revolutionized the industry with their innovative design and operational features. Quickly remove VCT tiles, rubber-backed carpeting and sheet type [...]


Diamond Products – Core Vac CV258 HEPA Vacuum

The Diamond Products – Core Vac CV258 HEPA Vacuum a solid performer and lower cost compared to our #1 seller in the made in the [...]

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