Wet Abrasive Blasters

Wet Abrasive Blasters


ClearBlast CB150 Wet Abrasive Blaster

The ClearBlast CB150 Wet Abrasive Blaster supplies a powerful punch in a small package. Built on a wheeled platform that stands at just 4 Ft. x 4 Ft. x 26″ wide, this [...]


Eclipse-Ecoflex ECO-100

The Eclipse-Ecoflex ECO-100 is a Lightweight Micro-Abrasion Blasting Cleaning System that is perfect for historic preservation, graffiti removal, building cleaning & automotive.  Versatile enough to also [...]

Clearblast 650-max

ClearBlast CB650MAX Wet Abrasive Blaster

The ClearBlast CB650MAX Wet Abrasive Blaster is ClearBlast’s largest high volume unit

Blasting pressures up to 130psi (with a high pressure compressor)!
400 pound media capacity and 80 [...]